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Frequently asked Questions

Ques 1: What is

Ans: Flat and Flatmate is India's pioneering solution to rent dream homes without any brokerage or middle-men concerns. We bridge the gap between house owners and rent seekers, with absolutely no markup, ensuring that your money remains yours, and not of some middlemen.

Ques 2: How do I list my property on Flat and Flatmate?

Ans: Once you log on to the site, just click on ‘+Add Listing’, fill in all the details and boom, you are good to go.

Ques 3: Are the Property Listings free or do we need to pay for them?

Ans: Listing on is absolutely Free of Cost and is an easy click exercise.

Ques 4: Are there any hidden costs attached?

Ans: There are absolutely no hidden costs attached. Your listing remains absolutely free always.

Ques 5: Do I need to register myself before searching for any property?

Ans: Yes, you will need to register and share your basic information with us before being able to search and contact for properties.

Ques 6: Is my information safe?

Ans: Your information remains absolutely safe on our servers, and we do not, and will never sell your personal information to anybody.

Ques 7: In terms of listing properties, is it mandatory to upload images to my listing?

Ans: Image upload is mandatory to check on spam and spurious listings. Plus, great photos shall ensure a greater response for you as well.

Ques 8: How soon can I expect response on my listings?

Ans: We strive to have good response coming on to your listings sooner. However, how you advertise your property also plays a large part. Hence, upload good images, write exact details and have contact numbers for people to reach you.

Ques 9: How can I have my queries resolved, if I need help?

Ans: We are here to solve your queries as soon as possible. Just login with your credentials and submit your queries to us and we shall resolve them as soon as possible.

Ques 10: Will you help me search and list properties?

Ans: While we do not actively help in the search and list queries, we are always around if you are stuck somewhere. Just reach out to us via chat, email or our social media pages and we will be happy to help.